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The Western online dating market is being steadily populated with new apps catering to everyone from equestrian lovers, tall people, Disney fans, gluten-free eaters to those looking to join the mile-high club.

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We have all experienced those sad Monday mornings when we feel like we could stay in our warm bed forever.Having relegated the previously dominant to second place in the UK’s online dating sector, few would doubt that Global Personals has the potential to maintain this amazing rate of growth in the years ahead.2013 update: Global Personals has become one of the largest privately-owned dating services in the world with annual revenues approaching £50m and more than 140 full-time staff.The white label arm of the business has seen particular success over the last two years; the company now has 1,480 partners running 7,000 dating sites powered by Global Personals’ service and 90% of the company’s revenue comes from these partnerships.The online dating explosion (1,400 apps and sites in the UK and rising) has created a new avenue for marketers to explore.Yet while dating app ad campaigns have so far proved the exception rather than the rule, times are changing and Happn hopes to be a driver of that change.She picked the young’un in the drama but went for the tall dashing second male lead with the mega-watt smile in real life.

Glad to see the couple still happily dating and wishing they can go all the way.

Jiang Kai Tong is a television actress but has been working steadily though she did get a big career bump three years ago after she did with Park Hae Jin, and I can safely say she reminds me a lot of Jang Nara in both screen presence and acting style.

Anyhoo, Jiang Kai Tong was at a press conference this week with her co-stars of an upcoming C-period drama and she was asked about her rumored relationship with Han Geng and whether marriage plans was being considered.

Her answer wasn’t to pooh pooh the rumors of her dating Han Geng, but instead she said “It’s still too early to talk marriage!

” That was taken by the gathered media as pretty much a tacit confirmation of her dating Han Geng.

Neither have confirmed nor denied it, instead choosing to go the way of ignore ignore ignore until the furor dies down.