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Wedgwood etruria barlaston dating

Reed with apples, cherries and white grapes against a mossy ground, all with gilt scalloped edge borders, black printed marks, diameter 15cm Twelve assorted Royal Worcester later 20th Century candle snuffers comprising French Cook, Owl, Mob Cap, Mrs Caudle, Feathered Hat, Young Girl, Toddie, Punch, Budge, Hush, a monk and a nun, all with black printed marks An 18th Century Whieldon type Toby jug, ordinary model, seated wearing a brown frock coat with ochre breaches holding an empty jug on his left knee with his clay pipe to his side, his face and hands in a dark brown slip, height 25cm Lot 31 of the Lord Mackintosh Sale held at Sothebys, 2nd May 1967 costing £130.0.0 A 19th Century Toby jug, seated in a corner armchair smoking a long clay pipe and holding a lidded tankard, dressed in a long blue frock coat, burnt red breaches and a polka dot cravat, he with long grey hair, unmarked, height 28cm A late 19th to early 20th Century Della Robbia vase of bottle form with a collar neck, the body and neck decorated with a band of incised stiff leaves, incised marks, marked 429 and initialed GW, height 22cm, restored Two Surmida Gawa pottery vases, the first of tapering form decorated with a man standing over a cooking vessel, height 23cm, the second of waisted form decorated with prowling tigers, height 17cm, both with signature seals (2) A large Clarice Cliff Crocus pattern Etruscan wash bowl circa 1930 hand painted with Crocus sprays between yellow, green and brown banding, printed CROCUS and Bizarre mark, width 36.5cm, banding refreshed.

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As we recently posted, Minton majolica used a complex series if marks including a date code symbol to mark its earthenware.The three letter impressed mark that accompanies the Wedgwood mark tells the story of where and when the piece was made. From 1860 to 1907 the first letter indicated the month of production. From 1907 to 1924 the month letter was replaced with the number 3 to indicate the year cycle the piece was made in. The second letter indicates the potter who made the piece. From this point on the company just used the numerical date.January, February, April, September, October, November and December are always show by their first letter. The word ENGLAND was added to the piece between 18.You can search by type of item using the drop down menu in the Search Facility above or use these links to go straight to your chosen items.An early 20th Century Doulton Burslem 'Blue Children' series pedestal vase decorated to one side with a young girl holding her doll sat upon a tree trunk looking at a frog perched upon the end, all to a landscape setting, decorated to the reverse with a tree lined landscape, signed W.You may search by any one or combination of these selections.

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Brown, the foot rim and collar neck with gilt foliate scrolls against a dark blue ground, printed marks, height 38cm (lacking cover) A large early 20th Century Royal Worcester figure entitled 'The Bather Surprised', the scantily dressed maiden stood beside a tree stump and draped in a blue robe, all raised to an oblong gilt base, puce printed marks with date code for 1921, height 39cm A Clarice Cliff Latona Fish shallow dish form wall plaque circa 1929 hand painted with stylised fish swimming amongst reeds over a pale cream ground, hand painted LATONA and Bizarre mark, width 26cm.

A large hand painted charger, painted on a Royal Worcester blank by former Royal Worcester artist David Fuller, the central well decorated with fruit, berries and foliage sat into a wicker basket, the radiating edge with gilt foliate scrolls against a dark blue ground, unmarked, signed to the front D Fuller, diameter 40cm A Moorcroft for Liberty & Co sweet meat pedestal dish decorated in the Wysteria pattern against a dark blue ground raised to a pewter stand, impressed Tudric, Moorcroft, 01514, diameter 13cm, height 6.5cm A large Moorcroft Anemone pattern vase of tapering form decorated with an upper band of tubelined flowers and foliage against a dark blue ground, impressed and painted marks alongside Potter to HM Queen Mary paper label, height 26cm A late 18th Century Ralph Wood Toby jug, seated wearing a grey frock coat with ochre breaches holding a foaming jug of ale and a cup of ale, height 23cm See Harold Mackintosh Early English Pottery where this jug is featured in an article on p88.

Josiah suffered with the weakened knee through most of his young adult life.

At the age of 38, Wedgwood’s right leg had to be amputated.

Following his illness, Josiah Wedgwood found himself dissatisfied with the pottery business.