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Who is bella thorne dating

Earlier that day Bella took to her Instagram to share a super sweet photo with her beau Blackbear.

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She has been in 10 celebrity relationships averaging less than one year each. The rumoured pair, was even pictured in the back of Scott’s ride, as Bella tried her hardest to hide behind the driver’s seat. And because she’d snapchatted earlier that day, wearing a white fur coat, everyone knows that it’s definitely her, cause she’s rocking the exact same outfit in the pics. Tweeting, “Haha yeah and me and ty never lived together… rumours rumours can’t always believe the media”, she tried to clear up any questions about her ex relationship. Charlie has tweeted ALL about the situation claiming that Bella told him her and Tyler were not together when Charlie began seeing the actress.If her and Charlie are getting together, we would hate to think how he is feeling at the moment! We're not sure if these are relevant but a small part of us maybe thinks that they are aimed at Tyler. Bella Thorne may have been pictured getting close to Charlie Puth on the beach this week, but it seems that even she gets a little nostalgic around the festive season...

and Charlie Puth is not happy about it if his Twitter is anything to go by.

But the next potential couple – hands down – we seriously never would have seen that coming.

After Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick have been in a true Taylor Swift style, never ever getting back together situation for a while now, the self acclaimed Lord has been spotted – Kendall Jenner falling of a bike is the highlight of our day Nope, this isn’t a drill as Entertainment Tonight recently reported, that the Lord and the actress even had dinner together, before hitting the clubs in West Hollywood.

She hasn’t confirmed nor denied the break-up exactly, but she has spoken of the Teen Wolf star in the past tense thus adding fuel to the fire that the pair have gone their separate ways.

Something of which we presumed when she was spotted getting cosy with Charlie Puth on the beach AND the red carpet.

NEWS: Bella Thorne Thrilled to Announce She's 'Finally' Developing Boobs While the photos certainly suggest the two are an item, Brandon played coy about his relationship with Bella, Instagramming: "#Are We Dating?