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“It wouldn’t be good” for Ghost’s wife to know, Anthony says, shaking her head.

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You can go with a tried-and-true favorite such as the Coachella flower crown or become a one-eyed pirate for the day.There's also a Live category similar to Snapchat Story.Here you can post images that will last for 24 hours.But perhaps the best part of Snow, and something that is truly unique to the app, is that you can also share your filtered faces on Facebook and Instagram, in addition to sharing them with contacts of yours who use the app.Snow has a revamped Story section that looks very similar to Snapchat and Instagram Stories.One game designer’s online call for civility prompted a meeting with Microsoft executives about how to better police Xbox Live.

In February, shortly after the Cross Assault tournament, Level Up, an Internet broadcaster of gaming events, barred two commentators who made light of sexual harassment on camera and issued a formal apology, including statements from the commentators.

But she was ready to compete, and promised fans watching online that she would train just as hard as, if not harder than, anyone else. Pakozdi, 25, an experienced gamer, has said she always expects a certain amount of trash talk.

Over six days of competition, though, her team’s coach, Aris Bakhtanians, interrogated her on camera about her bra size, said “take off your shirt” and focused the team’s webcam on her chest, feet and legs. But as the only woman on the team, this was too much, especially from her coach, she said. Bakhtanians defending sexual harassment as part of “the fighting game community” that she forfeited the game.

Even so, Tom Cannon, co-founder of the largest fighting game tournament, EVO, pulled his company’s sponsorship of the weekly Level Up series, saying that “we cannot continue to let ignorant, hateful speech slide.” “The nasty undercurrent in the scene isn’t a joke or a meme,” he said. Bakhtanians, whose actions during the Cross Assault tournament were captured on video, later issued a statement in which he apologized if he had offended anyone. Sarkeesian responded by documenting the harassment, posting online the doctored, pornographic images of herself that her detractors had created.

A few months ago I was filming an episode of BBC legal drama Silk – the episode is on Wednesday night.

While they’re preparing to open her new office, Gunvalson tells her son she would like for his girlfriend to work in the family business too, but then it all gets very personal. “Withdrawal method means parents, so don’t do that,” she warns him. For the Mc Laughlin family in Hawaii, the mother of three tells her husband that she wants him to “get his balls cut off,” and he balks at getting a vasectomy. One day he’s going to come home and Aspen won’t know who he is.” Dodd and Judge finally meet for coffee and it goes very well. We would like to leave it like that,” she says before the party starts.