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This web site is a representation of who we are and what we do. Don't worry if you can't make it this year, we've been here for nearly 50 years and we are still going strong!HETTIE'S is the only manufacturing rock and crystal shop left in New Zealand and one of the few left in the world.

The function would then determine if the images exist and return either an integer value or a boolean.Prior to May 2008, it operated scheduled international services from the USA to Africa and Guyana.Later it operated domestic and international charter services and wet lease services.Your support keeps New Zealand's LAST Manufacturing Rock Shop, OPEN.Today most rock and crystal shops just buy in and resell. This enables us to offer a range of rocks, crystals and minerals far beyond most other retailers.The Black Lions Profit Gold Guide was written to offer a free gold making resource for the Guild Wars 2 community.

The guide will equip you with all the necessary skills, tools and knowledge required to successfully compete and dominate on the competitive trading post battlefield.

It was founded by Dan Mc Kinnon, former head of the then-Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB), mainly to provide feeder services to El Al gateways in North America, and to provide services for Club Med.

The cooperation with El Al lasted until the early 2000s when El Al signed a codeshare agreement with Delta Air Lines and began shifting some of its feeder business to Delta instead, while also increasing the use of its own equipment in intra-US travel.

Clients built around JSON API are able to take advantage of its features around efficiently caching responses, sometimes eliminating network requests entirely.

Here’s an example response from a blog that implements JSON API: The response above contains the first in a collection of “articles”, as well as links to subsequent members in that collection.

Its main aircraft and maintenance base was Tampa International Airport.