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“You have a good physique,” she said after she had gotten a good look at my chest. “I slowly slid my boxer shorts off and they joined the rest of my clothes on the floor.“You’ve got the beginnings of good musculature, if you wanted to take up strength training it wouldn’t hurt, but overall you have a good body. All the other girls had hated when I touched them or put my hands on their heads. ” “Nearing seven and a half, yes,” I answered, giving her proper eye contact for the first since she had come over and started touching me.

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She moved my head so that my mouth was on her clitoris again, which I sucked while I fingered her, sliding two fingers inside and rubbing. Do you remember how he expertly instructed you how to rub it against your clit and then send it deep inside your pussy to press against your G-spot?

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I used my fingers as well to get this woman off, sliding them inside her and rubbing, other times moving her clit in small circles. Everything I could think of, and everything I had, went into getting this woman off and bringing her to orgasm.

I wanted her to cum from my touch, I wanted to feel her shake and hear her moan.

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