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Consolidating software quickbooks

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The online version forces you to pay for each file.

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Doies anyone make add-on software to accomplish this goal?One of the most useful features provided with only Quick Books Enterprise is the integrated Consolidated Reports that allows user to connect two or more files together.These consolidated reports help to get complete view of financial aspect of business in one screen, which in turn will ensure easy overview of the business finances in current environment.On the other hand, Quick Books Enterprise users can easily go about consolidating the reports of their company with in-built Report Consolidation feature.However, before we proceed to steps on how to combine these files it is imperative to prepare for it by following points: 1. Having Name identical but the account number is different.Has anyone attempted to use one instance of Quickbooks for multiple entities, such as LLCs?

I'm struggling to figure out how to best set this up, and do not want to purchase (or have to manage) two separate accounts. If you just buy desktop version "pro" you can have as many entities as you want.

Make a change in one view and it flows through the entire tree.

There’s no need to verify whether a last-minute update in one department’s spreadsheet, a merger, or other change has been incorporated in the overall budget.

The owner of the SMLLC might be you as an individual, another LLC, Corp or trust that does file a tax return.

As Cameron pointed out, if you have multiple files the desktop version would be the least expensive route.

Budget Maestro financial consolidation software allows you to: Budget Maestro reports take the financial pulse of your business at any point in time.