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If your camera can support cross platforms such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Spartan browsers, then you also can use them to access IP camera.

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If the IP camera is directly connected to your PC/notebook computer using an Ethernet cable, the IP camera will use an IP address called "auto IP" with IP address 169.254xxx.Going through the official cameras web portal can be slow and cumbersome, usually the thing you wanted to look at would be long gone, so the idea was get to the stream as quick as possible.The add-on will add 6 buttons to the right of the Address Bar, these are obviously pan the camera Left, Right, Up, Down, Snapshot, and the very last button in the shape of a camera will fire up the video stream in the Sidebar.You can adjust the bandwidth requirement of the IP Cam either from the Cam View software or login into the web configuration page of the IP Cam to do the modification.You can do the video recording of the network camera either to the computers through Cam View software or to NAS devices or SD card depends on your requirement.Your cameras URL commands will be listed all over the web, so it'll just take a little searching.

It's pretty generic as you define the URL commands yourself, but if there is any questions, feel free to email me.

The accompanied Cam Play software is then needed to play back the recorded video files. Although the sensitivity of the sensor is already very good compared to other products CMOS sensor, there is still a limitation.

If the video is still too dark for your environment, please try to increase the lightness of the light source or you can adjust the "low light sensitivity" in the "video settings" page.

Some network knowledge is required to follow/understand this tutorial. According to different types of IP camera, you need to use different connection methods.

After complete the connection, you should see the RJ45 status LEDs are flashing, Blinking green and yellow means the IP camera connects to network successfully, can receive and transmit data.

The add-on is fully setup to work with the FOSCAM IP PTZ camera, all you'll need to do is change the IP address in the option menu.