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September 22, 2011 --George Batten (facing camera) chats with (L-R) Jeffrey Grossman, Bob Price, and John Renz at a networking event on Thursday evening in the Fox & Hounds Tavern at the Cheshire in St. "It gives me something to do and practice my skill set," she said of doing personal work.

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Music isn’t the culprit; the sound of talking, not tunes, fills my ears and numbs my brain. Because, as it turns out, real talk isn’t real easy to reproduce. Cohen in the book, Screen Plays, “In real life, people talk to conceal how they feel, not to express it. The resulting “quotes” are often too clean, too pat. Watching videotape, I’m struck by how often many of us use this technique. Other times, we change cadence to reestablish eye contact. But real-world conversations are a tango, in which truths are revealed slowly, if at all.Her book Introduction To Jazz Guitar (Berklee Press/Hal Leonard, 2015) is for guitarists of all styles.She is a Contributing Editor to Acoustic Guitar Magazine, and is a former monthly columnist for Premier Guitar Magazine.And the personal, to-camera chats, originally a parody of talking-head factual telly, are now such established Gervais territory, they've almost lost their lampooning element, particularly when the subject matter threatens to destabilise the comedy, which is what happened here.What did you think of 'Derek' - cruel or compassionate viewing? In 'The Office', we had Dawn's despair about her professional and romantic lot.She has been a guest guitarist with SONi A, of disappear fear, traveling and recording with the internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter.

Jane joined the Guitar Department Faculty at Berklee College of Music in 1994, where she is a Professor.

She has contributed arrangements for solo guitar to the Guitar Department library, and has performed solo recitals and concerts with her group in the Berklee Performance Center and Recital Halls.

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Jane has performed solo and in duo and group settings around the United States.

In addition to leading her own jazz instrumental quartet, she is in a working Chamber Jazz Trio with saxophonist Cercie Miller and bassist David Clark, for which she contributes many compositions.

I’m not moving them" - Gervais gives notice of a call to arms.