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Allowing such sequences to play out in extended takes that favor the acting over the scenery, Lelouch coaxes good turns out of his cast in these moments, especially from leading ladies Bonnaire and Jacob.

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Her father was a doctor, recruited from medical school to work in the United States because so many American medics had been shipped off to Vietnam. “I grew up with two passports, and never had any issues going back and forth,” she recalls.Though its setting resembles Tehran, Circumstance was actually shot in Lebanon. I’ve had so many messages from Iran on Facebook, so I know it’s out there.” It has been released in America, where it won the audience award at the Sundance Film Festival in January.It has not been officially distributed in Iran: “That would be impossible,” Keshavarz admits. But it’s fair to say Circumstance sharply divides opinion, especially among Iranian expats.“Fights have broken out at screenings in Los Angeles,” Keshavarz tells me, looking delighted.Their environments have somewhat sheltered them from the fundamentalist element the country, though it is evident that women are second class citizens and their upper class status doesn’t make them immune from the Big Brother element in modern day Iran.Shireen lives with her uncle — it is implied that her parents died as a result of their activities as political dissidents — and she gravitates towards Atafeh and her family to regain the closeness of the nuclear family dynamic that she lost.will be released in theaters in New York and Los Angeles today with a wider release in select theaters nationwide on September 9. Featuring a lesbian love story between two teenagers in contemporary Iran, is a family drama that examines the conflict between Iranian youths who yearn to express themselves — and who will go to great lengths to do so — against a repressive establishment that seeks to stamp out anything it perceives to be evil.

The story centers around the relationship between schoolgirls Atafeh (Nikohl Boosheri) and Shireen (Sarah Kazemy), both of whom were raised by well-to-do intellectuals.

But whatever momentum Lelouch was building in the film’s mid-section is upended by several ludicrous plot twists in the latter reels, undermining the family dynamic in favor of genre conventions that really have no place in the story.

To explain these late events would spoil the movie, although they honestly make little sense and seem to have been culled from something long lost in the director’s lengthy filmography.

), this unruly tale of a seasoned combat photographer who settles into a secluded chalet, only to find himself bombarded by unhappy daughters and lots of bad karma, manages to sustain interest until completely skidding off the slope in a bizarrely wrought third act.

Better performed and helmed than some of the 76-year-old filmmaker’s recent efforts, should see mild offshore play following a local release on April 2 and an opening-night slot in this year’s City of Lights, City of Angels fest.

An initial driving sequence, set to a duet by Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald, takes us to a modern retreat in the Alps, where famous photojournalist Jacques Kaminsky (Hallyday) and his latest wife, Bianca (Agnes Soral), are looking to settle down for the long run.