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Married couples dating ideas

Go on a dinner cruise A delicious dinner while surrounded by water and stars — need we say more?

so I reached out to the most awesome group of people I could think of. (Are you receiving A Mom with a Lesson Plan emails? ) The response was incredible and I just couldn’t keep it to myself.But it takes intentionality in finding ways to laugh together. Sometimes when life and our different approaches to it, are toppling in on us, we have an important choice to make.We can turn on each other and tackle matters in oppositional ways.My husband and I used to do these more often, especially when we were doing our Year of Dates. The hard thing about dating within your own home is that it’s a bit too familiar.Snuggling together on the sofa to watch a movie, eating dinner or dessert together, or playing video games together can feel a bit too commonplace.Continuing to date each other —finding times, and times to laugh together after the wedding is important.

Having fun can involve getting down to “serious” business sometimes.

Visit a museum or art gallery Pick one that you both think sounds interesting, and see what new things you learn.6.

Go bowling Winner gets to pick where you go for dessert.7. Re-create your first date Take her to the restaurant you first took her to. Reminisce about the little details of that time together.9.

is important to both of us and because we also kind of like spending time together, that needed to change. What’s the best way to make sure something happens around here? To make it a little more fun we decided to rotate who plans the dates. He’s enjoying these date nights just as much as I am.

The rules are that we have to keep in mind what the month looks like. Hubby reminded me as the end of the month approached. Because it was so last minute, the date had to be at home, it had to be pretty inexpensive and it had to be without a babysitter.

Yes, as cheesy as it may sound, renting a tandem bike (AKA the bicycle built for two) can be quite the adventure for the super coordinated couple who want a more interesting spin on the typical scenic trail ride.