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Proper etiquette for dating a widower

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I have learned that a surprise death is harder to cope with than a prolonged death.Dating again after the death of a spouse can be an awkward experience.It can bring out feelings of guilt or betrayal in the widow or widower.Religious Jews restrict work, social, and recreational activities after the burial of a close relative—most assiduously during the first seven (or, for many Reform Jews, three) days of a monthlong mourning period.During this time, those observing this tradition generally remain at home and receive condolence calls.Jessica and Jordan experienced tragic losses and found love again.

Published on Jun 25, 2013 An Excerpt from Dating a Widower Read Chapter 1 I’m including this section of the book specifically for any widowers who might be reading it.

How long should close relatives of the deceased wait before resuming an active social life? Some people deal with grief by plunging into their regular activities, while others spend time with close friends but otherwise keep to themselves as they adjust to their loss.

Some follow mourning rituals prescribed by their religion or cultural tradition.

It can also bring out feelings of confusion and concern from friends, family, and those who were close to the deceased spouse.

For those who have lost a spouse and are looking to date again, here are ten tips to help you successfully navigate the dating waters.

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