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In Sep 1749, Mrs Wilks is mentioned as administrator of the Estate. ), orphan, made choice of John Curruthers as his Guardian. His will mentions his wife Ann, and his children: Ann Sophia, Rebecca, Sarah, Abigail, Abraham, and David. Russell Searching for parents & wife of William Russell b. Cartert Co, NC, feel he left from there going to Posey co, IN) He d. This indicates he was now 14 years old or older and his mother is now dead. Court records refer to a brother, Joseph Russell, and other records indicate that Ann Sophia may have married a man named Hibbs and Sarah may have married a man named (Abram? David married Anna Read, daughter of Robert Read (d.

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His daughter, but probably sister or cousin, married Isaac Edmondson and moved to Edgefield Dist., Sc, and finally to Georgia. I have typed document that in 1746 Elizabeth Barrono (sp? His two children Berney and Sara moved to Beaufort. Alice Bruce RUMLEY I'am looking for information on the Rumley family bible, Ann Rumley of Beaufort had it at one time, but she maybe dead now. He was born in 1629 in what is now Carteret County, North Carolina. There is an unmarked bricked up grave matching this description today. 1800) was an extremely colorful landowner, Revolutionary War officer and overall defender of the county of Carteret.One of the more profound families from Carteret County was the Dennis family. In 1747, William Dennis assisted with the successful defense of the county during the War of Jenkins' Ear (fighting against Spanish pirates).Craig Park - 03/19/99 My Email:[email protected]: Hertford SURNAME: Park Period of Interest (year): 1823 Comments: I am looking for a genealogical researcher in Hertford County who can help me find information regarding my great-grandfather, Samuel Park, born abt 1823. Any information on these early Hertford County Rascoes would be appreciated. COUNTY: Hertford SURNAME: GATLING Period of Interest (year): 1790-1830 Comments: I have info on the siblings of BRIGGS GATLING (son of WILLIAM COWPER GATLING and cousin of RICHARD J. Craig Park - 03/01/99 My Email:[email protected]: Hertford SURNAME: Park Period of Interest (year): 1820-1850 Comments: I am looking for birth or family records of Samuel Park, born abt. am - 02/27/99 My Email:[email protected]: BRITT/HORNE Period of Interest (year): 1800s Comments: Looking for info on William Robert BRITT who married Elizabeth Johnson on . Possible parents for Goodman are Cherry and Robert HORN. Annemarie Brinkley, Deborah - 02/26/99 My Email:[email protected]: Hertford SURNAME: Britt Period of Interest (year): 1874 Comments: Looking for information on GGrandfather Robert Britt b. Andrea Vanderhorst - 03/03/99 My Email:[email protected]: Hertford SURNAME: TANN Period of Interest (year): 1780-1790 Comments: I am interested in obtainning any information on the TANN family in North Carolina. Affadavit by Goodman HORNE (abt 1812-1872, who married Marth Ann Mercer ) proved the marriage. Sunset from room and landscaping around B&B outstanding.

We will go back; but, this time, we will book a room w/covered balcony so that we can enjoy breakfast al fresco.

(2) I would like any information about Winbornes (including any variant spellings of the name)who may have lived in Southampton or Hertford County at any time prior to 1900. Rasco - 03/04/99 My Email:[email protected]: Hertford SURNAME: Rascoe Period of Interest (year): 1750-1800 Comments: Need parents of William and Teagle Rascoe who were in Hertford County by 1769. Have been told that Absolom's father was Benjamin EVANS born about 1742. Gregory, Enoch Gregory or any relatives related to the Gregorys from No. Ava White - 01/14/99 My Email:[email protected]: Hertford SURNAME: Howard Period of Interest (year): 1890's Comments: Searching for info on Gurney Howard, born , died between 19.

(3) I have heard that there may be a native-american connection. (4) I have also found Winbornes who were listed as "free persons of color" in the 1790 census for North Carolina. (5) If anyone has a Winborne family Bible that lists the names Samuel, Carey, Javan, Jacob, Frank, and Fannie (all born in the mid 1800s), among others, I would very much like a copy of the records to help in identifying and tracing my ancestors and will pay any expenses involved in photocopying and mailing this information to me. Septer - 03/27/99 My Email:[email protected]: Hertford SURNAME: BOZEMAN Period of Interest (year): 1865-1950 Comments: I would appreciate any information about JESSIE BOZEMAN and his wife Gertrude ? Also Alexander Rascoe who was born in Hertford County March 20, 1768. Catus (his son) were Postmasters in Winton for many years.

By the year 1790, William was shown as one of the largest land owners in the county.

Branches of the Dennis family include the Bell's, Watson's and Pelletier's, many of whom continued to live in the area for many years to follow.

Carol Matseoane - 03/29/99 My Email:[email protected]: WINBORN(E); WINBURN(E); WENBON Period of Interest (year): 1600 - 1900 Comments: I am searching for elusive Winborne ancestors and relatives who are thought to have migrated between Virginia and North Carolina. 1790's to 1810's - these would be Colsden Watson's parents. KHarrison - 02/05/99 My Email:[email protected]: Hertford SURNAME: Holloman Period of Interest (year): 1700's Comments: Seeking info on HOLLOMANS, KINGS, BAKERS and JERNIGANS from HERTFORD/BERTIE area. DMS - 02/03/99 My Email:[email protected] COUNTY: Hertford SURNAME: WARD Period of Interest (year): 1798 Comments: Francis Ward died 1798. They had children named Harriot WARD, Mary WARD, Elizabeth , Francis Jr. I particularly would like anything about the Rawlses. Brenda Evans - 01/19/99 My Email:[email protected]: Hertford SURNAME: EVANS Period of Interest (year): 1770-1820 Comments: Researching Absolom EVANS born about 1774 in Hertford County. Ava White - 01/14/99 My Email:[email protected]: Copeland Period of Interest (year): 1862 Comments: Searching for info on Mary Copeland Collins, born ,(died ) married to William Harrison Collins ("Rick") in 1883. Marcia Bourdeau - 01/12/99 My Email:[email protected]: Hertford SURNAME: BRICKELL/BRICKLE Period of Interest (year): 1700s Comments: Seek info on any John Brickell in the Hertford area, 1700s.