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Danisnotonfire and amazingphil dating

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" Dan pried."Nothing." "You have your shirt over you mouth and you’re smiling." Dan observed."What? " I said trying to disguise my goofy smile, putting the blue cloth of my shirt above my nose.

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Once again, I was hanging out with Dan in his and Phil's flat. I walked over and sat next to him continuing the game.“What's your favorite animal? And in the video Phil replied: “Cool, I like lions :-)”“I DIDN’T CHOOSE LIONS YOU BLOODY SPORK! And before you ask, yes, this is all just an elaborate excuse to look at 25 photos of his face. From his llama love and derping all the way to his cat whiskers and swooping fringe, Dan is a man of the people, so take a seat and prepare yourself for 25 facts you really should know about your favourite internet friend by now.In March 2010, Charlie and Stephen had a messy break up (cheating was involved but some people say Charlie cheated and others say Stephen cheated.Charlie also punched Stephen in the face and broke his nose).The (usually) sexually ambiguous Brit said he was mortified after realizing his Twitter mistake.

Although Dan clocks it up to a “classic Dan moment”, the #Phandom are unlikely to let him forget about it anytime soon. Favorite if you are a bottom.” Dan Howell favorited the tweet, and fans went wild.

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v=q7GLGwchn2E&feature=iv&src_vid=ggh PTsp WVw I&annotation_id=annotation_2471147141 is by Sofia Carvalho Yes it's a real thing. It's by Sofia Carvalho =^-^= All the game stuff is taken from their videos! Dan’s fingers hovered over the keyboard, increasing the volume.

Their ship name is phan, and they are often romantically shipped. They also have gaming channel together called Dan And Phil GAMES.

Danisnotonfire caused a stir after he inadvertently gave too much information to his fans.

His school was in one of his early videos, and he can be seen in the top right corner of a whole-school photo in the extension corridor.