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Legal Right is a Fullproof stamp of ownership of your Creative Work, Which Non can take away from you.that is primarily The biggest reason why One should Register their Copyright immediately on Completion of one's creative work. Literary work Which includes computer program and computer databases apart from book. Sound recording or audio recorded files which could include songs, dialogues recorded etc 3.

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Copyright is essentially a creation of statute, the copyright act makes it clear that no person shall be entitled to Copyright or any similar rights, in any work whether published or unpublished, otherwise than in accordance with the provisions of the Act.

Copyright Registration of Creative work Protects your Creativity from being Stolen or Duplicated, and gives you a Confirmed Legal Right over your creation.

Cinematograph film includes films, videos, cartoon films.

It is advisable to include creative rights in the various agreements between parties in the initial stage itself. Artistic work including a painting, a sculpture, a drawing such as a map, chart or diagram, an engraving, a photograph, architecture/ artistic craftsmanship and dramatic work. Musical work meaning staff notations and written music.

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