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By default, only instructors and TAs can view past sessions.

When you start getting more visitors on site, you will also start receiving more chats.You can use Norton live chat to find answers to your questions and solutions to your problems, with little or no time spent waiting. To get started, select your Norton product category.A Norton online chat support agent is waiting to assist you.Anyone who is in the chat room with you or who visits the chat room later will see this message.Continue reading for more detailed instructions and information about advanced features.Called "live chat," "live help," "live person" or "live support software." Chat Vs. Texting (SMS) Although all three of these services deal with sending and receiving text, chat and IM sessions are on the computer, while texting is done on cellphones.

Chat sessions can be initiated by users merely browsing a website to interact with a sales or service rep at that very moment, whereas instant messaging (IM) requires installing an IM program, opening an account and sending invitations to recipients. Chatting and Texting Since chat is an English word, if someone refers to "chatting and texting" on a cellphone, it means real chatting (voice calling) and sending text messages. Live chat is a great website addition for customers.

On the Add Room page, give the new chat room a Title.

You can also give your chat room a Description, although this is optional.

Either characters are transmitted after each key is pressed, or all the text is sent when the user presses Enter.

The term chat became so pervasive in the computing world that a two-way audio communication is sometimes called a "voice chat," and video calling is often called "video chat." Live Chat for Support Live text chat is a common website support system, allowing someone to be assisted by a company representative, who typically handles more than one site visitor at a time.

To handle several chats at the same time efficiently, you need to keep switching between them.