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This is what I've found following the guide I've found in the wiki. Chat/wiki/Mobile-Notifications-Gateway-Configuration GCM might require me to authenticate my server?I've tried to do this via the meta Google Site Verification setting, but with no luck.

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It does seem kind of odd to me, however, that now that this tech is readily available, you don’t see it in movies anymore.Awareness Technologies will cooperate with authorities in investigation of any allegations of misuse.In addition, we will immediately terminate your license without notice or refund.Another way to verify is to put an html page google generates in the root directory ( but how would I go about doing that via a docker container? I was referencing my server as a gateway when I do not have it set up correctly to be one.Using https://as a gateway fixed the issue for me and push notifications now work.The site was one of the very first to introcuce HTML5 based webcam sex to the i Pad, i Phone and Android platforms.

Chat version: 0.24 The mobile push notifications on both i OS and Android aren't pushing for some reason.

Dick Tracy’s video watch started it for me, I think, and I have seen similar pieces of technology all throughout my years as a sci-fi geek.

Well, it’s not just for comics and movies anymore, is it?

is our favorite site when it comes to webcam sex on your tablet. Beautiful models from all over the world (we really like the eastern European girls), high quality HTML5 video streams that look great on the i Pad and best of all, very low rates.

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Push notifications are enabled for the app on the phone and on the Rocketchat website. we are using android primarily, when I click the test button we get a "Your push was sent to one device" without a notification ever actually reaching it.