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Dating brass candlestick

Antique Treen - a brief history In the latter half of the twentieth century, interest in treen and other wooden bygone objects grew considerably, as with interest in antiques in general.Treen covers a wide spectrum of objects, however ornaments are never described as treen, as all treen were made for a specific use and in their making a well proportioned attractive form is conveyed through a high level of craftsmanship.

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260 P&P A top quality Wilkinson 1897 pattern British infantry officers sword (still current regulation for infantry officers) with a hexagonal proof disc denoting Wilkinson's best quality.At some point it was issued to the yeomanry cavalry and it has the YC stamped on the base of the blade and a Y and WK on the scabbard (possibly Warwickshire Yeomanry).There are various Enfield and Birmingham inspection marks, the bend test cross and an S and a C on the tang.A candlestick's shape is often a good indicator of its age.Candlesticks changed in style through the centuries, and designs range from Classic to Rococo to Art Nouveau to Art Deco. ff3=4&toolid=10044&campid=5336649018&customid=candlesticks&lgeo=1&mpre= The hilt is sound but has the remnants of some plating on it.

The scabbard is sound but with a deep patina and some areas of lifted plating.

The earliest candlesticks, dating from the sixteenth century, held the candle on a pricket (sharp pointed spike).

These lost favor because in times of strife the large church candlesticks with prickets became formidable weapons, so the socket was mandated.

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