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Ahmedabad dating places

The tomb houses the graves of three great rulers of Gujarat - Ahmed Shah I, his son, Mohammed Shah and his grandson, Qutub-Ud-Din Ahmed Shah II.After a passage of 100 years, a nobleman by the name - Farhatul Maluk repaired the tomb, also got the walls of the mosque engraved.

As soon as these were uploaded to their Facebook accounts, their job was done: To look as cool as they could online, because off in the real world, things have completely fallen apart.The after-hours glassblowing workshop for two gives couples a chance to design their own single glass heart creation and socialize with fellow novice glassblowers over complimentary sparkling wine and chocolates.Pro tip: Follow up with some extraordinarily creative libations at at Robot City Workshop.The last vestige of cool in a no-alcohol city were its hookah bars, the next best alternative to an actual beer.But on December 15, the good times vanished in a puff of smoke, or in the form of an ordinance from the state government that imposed a blanket ban on hookah bars.Of the 70-odd hookah bars now banned in Ahmedabad, the names tell you the Freudian links between the two: Hellish, Lucifer Lounge, Arabian Nights, Marakeesh – in other words, places that Satan visits in all his dark glory.

The purple pink setting or black and red walls of a hookah parlour – depending on the bar owner’s particular fascinations – suggest that the hookah bar is the perfect setting for two mates to meet and pass on the message that some making out may be in the offing.

Visiting this mosque should certainly be in every traveler’s list.

Look at the beautiful architecture of the mosque and buy sweets from the adjacent shops associated with the mosque.

A robot-themed movie will play in the background, a cool Omnibot 2000 will deliver the popcorn, and each person gets two free beers from Metropolitan Brewing (or you’re welcome to BYOB).

Pro tip: Extend the geeky night out with a stop at for a few rounds of Connect Four (or any of the other assorted games on the shelves). Strip down What’s sexier than a giant Valentine’s Day shindig that encourages party-goers to strip down and run a race in their undies for charity?

A feat that is hard enough to achieve when you are young, hormonal, and meeting someone you barely know through a dating app.