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Great one year dating anniversary ideas

The website a page devoted to stupid anniversary gifts including” love rats” (little rats covered in hearts which are so ugly they are cute) a frog that turns into a prince, a love gun that shoots cupids up to 15 feet, and a cuddly Hershey Kiss doll that looks like a Hershey Kiss with a face arms and legs……it all depends on who you are getting the gift for but these might just work.Looking for comical print or poster for your anniversary gift the website offers many prints which can be personalized with your recipients’ faces, names and anniversary dates.

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This fabulous beer cooler is available from Personal Creations.Funny anniversary gifts are great if you are getting a gift for a friend’s anniversary.Funny gifts are a bit riskier if you are getting an anniversary gift for your partner.Anniversaries, dating or otherwise were invented for this reason.An anniversary should be a day when you conveniently forget about the rest of the world, and focus on each other.You don't need to have many decorations as all of the cakes will be decoration enough and if the weather is kind to you on your 10th anniversary then this is the perfect time for a garden party.

If your own back yard is not big enough for all of your guests then you could look at having your anniversary at your local park, you may need to let the local park wardens know that you are holding a party so that they can reserve an area for you.

Now it’s the time to put one of the ideas in practice.

About the Blogger - SB, a father and husband, is based in south Florida, USA.

To help you we have put together ideas for all of your traditional anniversaries, for your husband, your wife, your parents and your grandparents.

There are serious gifts and funny gifts, romantic gifts and even gifts for those that romance is just not their thing!

Some of the most appreciated anniversary gifts revolve around time the couple can spend together enjoying some activity or event together.