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The biggest temptation with late rising is to over sleep. Rather than feeling more rested, it makes you lethargic.Having a regular wake up time is just as important for night owls as it is for early risers.

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This gender difference in sleep patterns extends into adulthood but declines or disappears after women reach menopause.As research attests, there is considerable variation in our individual preferences to go to sleep early or late in the evening, or to wake up early or late in the morning.At one end of the spectrum, early birds tend to retire and rise early; they are cognitively sharpest in the morning and don't perform as well in the evening.A middle-aged patient who we will call Katy came to the Stanford Sleep Center's Insomnia & Behavioral Sleep Medicine Program seeking help for her sleep.Katy reported that she had tried everything to be able to sleep at what she called a "typical time." She presented with concerns about being unable to get to sleep until the a.m.After a few weeks, sleep deprivation set in and I went back to my normal sleep pattern.

For those of us who experience a late night surge of mentally activity, waking before 6 a.m. Sleep schedule depends on many factors and is subject to change, but it’s important to find what works for you.

Conversely, night owls both go to bed and wake up late; they are cognitively sharpest in the evening and don't perform as well the morning.

While many of us are firmly in either the early bird or the night owl camps, others fall somewhere in between or do not have an identifiable sleep pattern. eveningness—technically known as —are stable over time and, to some degree, genetic, although environmental factors, such as geography, season, and work schedules, can also influence our sleep patterns.

"Night Owl" is a song written by James Taylor that was originally released as a single by Taylor's band the Flying Machine, which also included Danny Kortchmar in 1967.

Taylor later rerecorded a solo version of the song for his Apple Records debut album James Taylor in 1968.

There may be bigger differences between early birds and night owls than the time they go to sleep.