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10 commandments christian dating

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Culture influences the Bible more than God himself. Why would anyone love a person that wants to come on our soil and kill people?

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The New Testament speaks the same message in the words of the apostle John.Welcome to our series of articles on the singles scene in Tel Aviv.Life, love, and lust, all wrapped up in a Middle Eastern glow and penned by the wonderful Pixi…if you’re easily offended, look away now!This country is bound by rules and regulations that distinguish it from others.Some are religious, others military and there are those that apply only to Tel Aviv.Hand picked from the Holy Book of dating, these ‘Ten Commandments’ are for all to obey….

A guy looking for sex will spend hundreds of shekels wining and dining their date with the danger of misleading her into thinking it’s something serious.

And here is why this post is so important…a person who claims Christianity but is not molded into the image of God is no Christian at all.

Christianity is not about a name…it is about a Savior. It not about fixing some bad habits…it is about becoming a new person. So, here are the 10 commandments of an un-committed Christian.

In a letter to the Jewish community he stated, “For the Law promulgated at Horeb [Mt. From the early history of the Christian Church there was a concerted attempt to reject the Ten Commandments as a fundamental moral code by defining them as Jewish.

Justin Martyr, considered an early church “father,” thought so.

Jesus asked people to think seriously about the costs of following Him (Luke ). It was never supposed to be characterized by comfort and security.