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Teisco serial number dating

UK – Arbiter, Audition, Kay and Top Twenty After Kawai bought Teisco in 1967, they started to produce all the Teisco guitars, as well as their own brand, Apollo.There are so many models and brand names of Harmonys and they cranked them out in such huge numbers that they were not all marked very well.

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NOTE: if anyone in Ventura or Los Angeles counties owns a Kent guitar in the 500, 600, or 700-series, I would love to see it. Just look it over, maybe play it and take some pictures.I will list changes as they occur but remember that changes occurred over a short period of time and exact serial # or dates are not available..(Angled neck pickup, with exposed pole piece, neck binding) Known as the Sidejack models The first "official Ventures" guitar was available in very late 1963.It is believed approximately 200 of these guitars were built. (Identifying characteristics) (built from late 63 to mid 64) • Side Jack• Bound body• Set Neck (Set neck serial #216 Bolt on neck serial #251)• Large "Ventures Logo" • Cast aluminum vibramute (earliest serial # did not have roller bridge)• 3 screws to attach scratchplate (last 3 screw pickguard serial #172 first 8 screw pickguard serial # 216)• Smooth tone and volume knob• Available in only Sunburst and Red• Serial somewhere in the 200's and below• Smooth logo-less single coil pickups, angled neck pickup • Misc info: est. It’s a very popular misconception that most or all bound body, set neck Ventures are ‘63’s.(Last known large Ventures logo serial #491 first known small logo serial #664)• Mosrite of California embossed on Pickups (without "R" trademark)• Serials: approx 200s to 2500s • Bolt on neck through plate introduced (ie bolts attaching neck go through plate) last known screw on cover plate #521, first known bolt through plate # 1037• New colors introduced(Identifying characteristics) (built from Oct/Nov 65 to mid 67)• Moseley vibrato replaces Vibramute.(now chrome diecast unit)• Volume and Tone knobs change to "hat type" with "M" stamped on top with V and T.That would date these guitars to 1963-1964, I guess.

Since this page is devoted to Ventura branded guitars, which were mostly made in the 1970's, the comments below apply to that era, but may also apply to earlier or later Japanese guitars.

Usually metal buttons on MK I and plastic buttons on MK II and V, but a few MK I with plastic and MK II with metal buttons known.

( Be aware that transition guitars exist ie Guitars built during the transition of one type to another will often have parts from either type).

The original manufacturer's model number, where known, is written below the manufacturer's name. Note, slso, that it is sometimes hard to tell if a guitar has had parts replaced.

Moreover, it's possible that parts are changed at the factory for a variety of reasons (costs, supply, improvement, or a customer asks for it).

In 1956 the name was changed to ‘Nippon Ompa Kogyo Co’.