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Updating ios on cisco 1900 switch

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You can use your NETLAB server to accomplish this upgrade if needed.

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When such incident happens, you will be glad that you first back up the IOS image to server before deleting working IOS image off the flash memory. To transfer an IOS from PC to ROUTER, the following conditions must meet* The new IOS image file is in working condition since corrupted IOS image won't do any good* The new IOS image file is inline with the router DRAM and flash memory size.You may be prompted for an enable password when entering the main menu.If this switch was used in a previous NETLAB installation, the enable password will be cisco.(There are other ways to select which IOS to run but this is the simplest method.)a.examine the current boot statement(s)Step 5: Reload the device and verify that the correct IOS has loaded For normal ISR's the only way to change the IOS is to reload the device.NETLAB requires all Catalyst 19 switches to be running Enterprise Edition 9.00.04 or later (these versions support command-line interface and Virtual LAN).

If it is not, NETLAB will not function correctly - you must upgrade the switch.

This FAQ assumes that your router is able to boot up normally.

When your router is unable to boot up normally, please scroll down to the bottom of the page for suggestions.* Under any circumstances, DO NOT delete working IOS image off the flash memory unless the image has been backed up to server (TFTP or FTP server) or you have working IOS image stored in the server.

(ISSU, In-Service Software Upgrade, is not currently supported.)After the device has reloaded please do a "show version" and confirm that the router is now running the correct version of IOS.

Cisco IOS Router 88x Series License installation / Activation.. UDI=CISCO881GW-GN-A-K9: FHK115224EP; Store Index=0: Primary License Storage 881GW-demo# ******** To enable the Adv.

Otherwise you would copy the file to the router using TFTP, FTP, etc.