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It is nice to have a clarification on the date of Herods death.

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Mat 24:2 Westcott-Hort ITGS] "..This one said I am able to loose down the divine habitation of the God and through three days to build up ...

As in this instance regarding the 2nd temple and its prophesied destruction in 70 AD, I did some research on this awhile back which if I can dig it up I'll post a follow-up message to this thread in hopes that you may find it useful. If his research is correct it solve a few problems in Israel considering the rebuilding of Solomon's Temple or Harod's Temple. I recognized several of his citations but I'd not read the majority of this.

Right off the bat I didn't find any discrepancies in the geographical coordinates of the old temple mount, but I wasn't digging for that, either. I would draw attention to his citation regarding "not one stone upon another...3 days": "...

-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- I probably should've visited your webpage before responding ad hoc as I did. See the pertinent excerpt from chapter 4 from my Historical Calendar of Jesus, copied hereinbelow, since this is a longstanding point of contention which I've reconciled with the facts in evidence, rather to the facts themselves I give all credit: ...

I can see you've put considerable effort into your research, and it's obviously a "hot-button" issue with many of us... Edomitic king Herod I "the Great" died after Josephus' lunar eclipse "..with the of the ed rabbis" Saturday, January 10, 1 BC, but not 4 BC, the traditionally supposed year of Herod's death based primarily on a couple of passages from the historian Josephus' writings and coins antedating to 3 & 4 BC (ad unwarranted presumptions) which "support" this inaccurate dating for Herod's death -- which inaccuracy survives to this day among the orthodox academia.

But the facts of the matter prove that Herod I died in 1 BC: Quoting from Luke: "It happened but in the days those went out decree beside Caesar Augustus to be getting registered all the inhabited[earth]; this registration [Gk.