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Since the age of 2, he has been a very different kind of boy. The alternative is to let him be a girl: grow long hair, choose a new name, dress as he (or “she”) pleases, and when it is time, obtain the necessary hormones and surgeries for a female body.

And isn't each of the parents in a married couple all the better at parenting for having the love and support of each other?If the boy's dad orders the mom around, abuses her or treats her poorly, the boy could end up thinking this is acceptable, normal behavior.I want to stress that there are countless exceptions of men whose fathers were less than ideal, and who ended up treating their mothers like queens. Ever heard the saying, "How he treats his mom is an indicator of how he will treat his wife?He called her "stupid," "lazy," and in a story he was telling, said, "I told her to shut up."I called my girlfriend the next day and told her about the conversation. There is nothing more repulsive to a woman than a man who doesn't respect or show love to his mom.There is also nothing more attractive to a woman than watching her guy treat his mom like gold. A man giving his mom flowers, taking her to church, or even just putting his arms around her for a big hug is so darn sweet!On Wednesday, the White House announced that the Obama administration supports legislation to outlaw “conversion therapy” that seeks to reverse the sexual orientation or gender identity of people under 18.

A statement by presidential advisor Valerie Jarrett, responding to an online petition to...

Babies with microcephaly are born with smaller than normal heads, and the condition is also linked to a reduction in brain volume, often leading to intellectual disabilities, speech impairment and behavioural issues.

Daryle's mother said she was distraught when doctors warned her something might be wrong with her baby son.

So regardless of what she actually did say, I thought that readers might like to see my take on single mothers.

Here is what I wrote for the Huffington Post on Mother's Day in 2007 (before I started blogging here).

She said: 'I only knew something was wrong when the paediatrician told me about microcephaly - they said he could possibly become blind, deaf and potentially paralysed.