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These historical coins of the Russian Empire have witnessed dramatic events and became a focal point of a number of real-life detective stories of the World War II, when such coins made up the bulk of the gold reserves of a number of European countries that ended up fighting each other on the opposite sides of the trenches.

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The tall, carved wooden statue has been determined to be 11,000 years old, 1,500 years older than previously thought, making it the is the oldest of its kind in the world.Although a Varangian presence is pronounced, nineteen mounds out of twenty contain ordinary burials of Krivichs and Baltic men and women. The most numerous finds are household utensils and pottery.As a general observation, the Gnyozdovo tumuli have parallels with the "druzhina kurgans" of Chernigov, such as the Black Grave.) and a Byzantine dish bearing an image of Simargl have shown that the local community carried on a prosperous trade along the Dnieper.The metal objects represented include hauberks (not typical for Scandinavian sites), helmets, battle-axes, Carolingian swords, and arrows.Among the more surprising discoveries were an early folding razor with a copper handle and a pivoted scissors, probably the earliest found in Eastern Europe.They were involved in the secret diplomacy such as the procurement of weapons during the World War I, they've been captured by the interned Czechs and later on the legendary 'white Russian' general Kolchak deposited one third of the gold reserves of the Russian Empire in the banks of Japan, US and Canada.

Bolsheviks used that money to bypass the embargo of the Soviets and to pay for the industrialization of the new revolutionary Russia.

She and her husband angered Zeus, the chief of the Gods, and Zeus killed her husband.

In grief Alcyone cast herself into the sea, and was transformed by the Gods into a kingfisher ( Alkonost was said to be found in Paradise and on the Euphrates River (listed as one of the rivers of Paradise, according to Genesis ) It is said that in midwinter, Alkonost places her eggs under the sea, where they lie for seven days, then float to the surface. Like that of Sirin, the song of Alkonost causes humans to completely forget everything.

It is not surprising that in Russian folk culture there is no clear dividing line between myth and religion.

The stories told of saints in icons are often largely myth, and elements of folk belief entered into Russian Orthodox religion.

In folklore it is said that on the morning of “Apple Savior,” the Sirin flies into the apple orchard, singing a sad song and weeping; and in the afternoon, Alkonost flies into the orchard singing a joyful song and laughing.