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Dating milk glass

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Vintage Phillips Milk of Magnesia Medicine Glass Bottle Embossed Cobalt .Vintage Blue Glass Bottle , Milk of Magnesia Rustic, Industrial Phillips Chemical Co.

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Phillips invented " Milk of Magnesia ", a laxative, in 1873.Exact period of use is uncertain, but verified on base of cobalt Milk of Magnesia bottle from circa 1950 (see next entry).Mosser Glass Company, Cambridge, Ohio (1971-to date ).Around the same time, the name was changed to Westmoreland Glass Company to eliminate the confusion among consumers about what a “specialty” company might actually produce—“glass” made the company’s mission crystal clear.Throughout World War I, the Westmoreland Glass Company manufactured and distributed intricately molded, candy-filled glass jars in the shapes of automobiles, trains, and even revolvers to newsstands and dime stores across the U. The jars were made of high-quality milk glass, or opal, a signature material that distinguished Westmoreland glass from its competitors.The best time to start a collection is when the market is at a low point, and the best place to look is the geographic area surrounding manufacturing plants.

The first thing to consider is the area of concentration for your milk glass collection.

Milk Glass, produced by large glass manufacturing companies in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana, was a "poor man's" porcelain.

The glass today fluctuates in popularity and price.

is well-known for its Depression-era glass items, including glassware, serving dishes and candlesticks.

Popular lines include Royal Ruby line and the milk glass and Jade-ite styles that were produced under the company's Fire King name.

Due to the volume of items produced and the years of production, unless you decide on a focus for your collection you could be forced to move from your home before your collection is complete.