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Access may be prohibited in certain states/countries.All I knew was that my detective work had paid off. I met Stephen when I was in my early 20s and running a design agency in Birmingham.Here I was, face to face with the woman who’d destroyed my life.‘I knew we’d get found out. This was swiftly followed by her first ‘I’m sorry’, then another and another. Then in his late 30s, Stephen had attended a top London public school before going to Reading University.In long-term relationships, it’s common to hit a dead zone sexually after some period of time together.You fall into a routine and begin looping through familiar patterns, which can become less engaging over time.I think this can be especially helpful for people who don’t consider themselves kinky but who’d still like to indulge in the stimulating fun of D/s play to spice up their connections.

D/s play is totally free, requires no props or equipment, and can be done anywhere. The main benefit is that D/s play helps maintain and even increase the sexual and emotional intensity of a relationship connection.

He was suave, attentive and self-assured: a typical product of his elite education and privileged background. Then each Monday evening, having returned to Birmingham, he’d call me to apologise, promising: ‘We’ll have a lovely time next weekend.’ But the sorry cycle would repeat itself.

I made a huge effort to ensure that when he got home the house was sparkling, the children in bed and a sumptuous dinner was in the oven.

I tried to keep our sex life going, which is difficult when your partner is repeatedly unkind to you. What I found on the bedside table shook me so much I had to sit down.

It was a handwritten card, saying: ‘Dear Stephen, I always love our intimacy, love Sandra.’ That’s how I knew the name of his lover.

I shop in Harrods, drive a Bentley and live the ultimate Mistress lifestyle along with my household of sissy maids.