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Avg not updating after restart

Although, the Creators Update aims to be the "best Windows ever," building an OS is a difficult task and a lot of work, and it's expected (at least initially) that you'll come across errors, bugs, and other problems during and after the installation.While a major release rollout never goes as expected, you may also come across issues that are not necessarily problems with the new OS.

In this Windows 10 guide, we walk you through a number of solutions to resolve known problems installing the Creators Update on your desktop PC, laptop, or tablet.Updating Firefox or resetting Firefox may solve the problem.You may need to contact AVG's support if the problem continues after troubleshooting AVG and Mozilla Firefox.Check AVG's settings to ensure Mozilla Firefox is not on a restricted programs list for Internet browsing. It is possible settings changed when you updated AVG.It is also possible that Firefox is taking long to load due to AVG's intensive scanning of files.The new version is slowly rolling out to more than 400 million qualifying devices around the world, and because it is a "feature update," you'll be getting a slew of new features and improvements.

However, unlike those regular cumulative updates that you get every month, a new major update means a new set of problems.

For example, while running AVG, a popup appeared stating that my drivers were out of date, 9 were downloaded and it crashed the computer.

Safe known files were quarantined, it was an impossible task to avoid this, could not add the URL or file and could not turn off AVG at all.

Firefox, too, must read files upon startup; however, it may be unable to scan them until AVG is finished.

If, after checking AVG's settings and troubleshooting Firefox, the problem persists, contact AVG support and report your issue.

Users have complained that AVG causes their Windows computers to crash occasionally.