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Liquidating antiques

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With extensive knowledge of antique furniture, antiques, china, glassware and collectibles, we can assure your estate sale will realize its full value potential.

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If they are moving to a distant location, it may be cheaper and simpler to sell their household goods than it is to pay the cost of shipping. There are various ways to liquidate – estate sales, auctions, garage sales, consignments, and dealers. In order to answer that question, knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each and evaluating your situation is crucial.If you are considering selling antiques or collectibles you can also consider local auctions houses or selling them to a reputable dealer.Thank you for visiting Jerry’s Antiques and Estate Sales.Melanie has been liquidating estates for over 17 years.She specializes in valuations, downsizing, and estate sale services.The basic definition of an asset is anything that can be sold or converted into cash.

Assets include large items such as a house, car or recreational vehicle, but also can include things like: jewelry, antiques, collectibles, stocks, bonds, or a 401K.

The two of you agree on a price, you get the money, he gets the furniture. Now, the disadvantage: As you know from the formula: Fastest Easiest = Least Money. The dealer does a mental appraisal of the lot with an eye toward costs for storing and advertising.

He must also take into account the fact that some pieces probably won’t sell.

These people – and many of them were desperate – hadn’t the first clue about how to even start going through a lifetime of someone else’s stuff.

Let’s be clear, it’s hard enough to have to deal with your own affairs, but when you add to that the necessity of selling or dispersing someone else’s personal property, life, to say the least, gets very complex.

In April 2014 Melanie won an award of excellence at the national conference in Memphis for high sales volume in 2013!