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The man, known as James, said he was chatting to a woman online when she demanded money and threatened to release a video of him, which he was unaware she had filmed, if he did not pay."I'd been at a work function and I'd been drinking and I suppose the conversation got provocative and I was coaxed on webcam to be in a compromising position," he told 774 ABC Melbourne."It then turned into a fairly sophisticated blackmail attempt."The woman demanded James transfer $800 into a Western Union account, or the footage would be exposed to his friends and workmates."Things were said like, 'You don't understand, you're going to wish you were dead once I do this'," he said.James said he was shown images of personal information from his social media accounts to prove his details were known."It was a comprehensive list of all my Facebook friends, a picture of the website of my employer, including email addresses of my colleagues, my Linked In page, photos of my friends, my personal website," he said.

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A Melbourne man who was blackmailed by someone he met on an online dating app says he wants to warn others of the risks.

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