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Dating bridgewater pottery

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I am not an expert on pottery and ceramics and can't identify patterns, shapes or values and so if you email on this subject you may not get a reply because I get too many emails to respond to individually. Free of Charge Search have a wide range of out of production pottery for sale and also offer a Computerised Search Service - you can now find that elusive item of pottery.

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Along with accounts of surfing trips, picnics and camping in Cornwall – fans would expect nothing less – are chapters alluding to the loneliness she experienced while growing the business, the strain of juggling work with four children and the sadness that overshadowed her family for two decades after her mother, Charlotte, suffered severe brain injuries in a riding accident.The products can also be purchased from major retailers such as John Lewis and House of Fraser. The company was founded by Emma Bridgewater in 1985, when she was looking for a birthday present for her mother.Wanting to buy a cup and saucer but being unable to find any she liked, Emma created her own.Our warm, cream-coloured earthenware is the simplest shortcut we know to making any kitchen feel like home.Choose a shape and pattern and start your collection today.“I think by implication you can see that some of it was really awful,” she says.

Her business turned over £11 million last year, but for all her success Bridgewater, whose childhood heroine was Laura Ashley, and who is good friends with fellow middle-class tastemakers Kidston and Johnnie Boden, insists she never planned to be a working mother, running a business empire in her fifties.

Drawing four shapes, a mug, a bowl, a jug and a dish, samples were created in Stoke-on-Trent.

Her designs include patterns such as Black Toast, Polka Dot, Union Jack, Starry Skies, Pink Hearts and Figs.

It's a little bit like making your house look impeccable for a magazine, which I've always been very careful not to do.

Bridgewater developed rheumatoid arthritis which left her incapacitated, and was told she would only rid herself of it when she cut the stress out of her life, so Matthew began helping wit0 the company's administrative work.

I think he'd seen how tough it had been for me,' she says.