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Html code updating date

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In this example, i OS has activated a couple bits of date-based text to trigger a calendar event associated with the listed dates.Unfortunately, the bright blue links on a turquoise background makes the text very hard to read.

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However, those addresses and phone numbers also fall victim to auto-linking behaviors that might not sync up with the overall branding of the email.All achievements will be maintained however, so if you finished a course already you’ll be able to show that you completed it—even after the switch. Just make sure to complete the courses before we retire them for good.You can consult the schedule at the end of this post for specific dates.These bits of information trigger app-driven events, such as making a call, launching a map, or creating a calendar event.This well-intentioned behavior from Apple can be super handy in plain-text or personal emails, but can be a nuisance in HTML emails. Hello name name is yada - yada my age is 35 (js goes here in place of 35).

I always forget to update my age on my site so Im looking for a way to make this automatic like a auto current year one I have for my copyright. Hi Eric can't you just use nearly the same script you're using for the copyright.

We’ve upgraded them to teach newer technologies (the HTML & CSS course, for example, will now cover HTML5 & CSS3) and to otherwise reflect changes to the way languages are used in the industry today. We’ll be removing our old courses from our platform to make way for the new ones.

Unfortunately, any partial or full progress you might have had will be lost.

(Some tips there explain how to update static dates, too.) Some confusion can result from these two different ways of producing a date in a document, since they can look the same on screen and on the printed page.

Moreover they can both be used in the same document.

Below you can see a schedule of the anticipated release dates for course transitions and new course releases.