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Dating a celeberty

"It's, like, really exclusive." Raven-Symone wouldn't confirm or deny her involvement with the app, but she did seem to know a lot about it when ET talked to her at the premiere. WATCH: Zayn Malik Confirms He's Dating Gigi Hadid One user, who spoke with ET under the stipulation that their identity be kept a secret, dished on the layered application process.The process starts with a referral from a friend who must already be a member of the app.

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The website mentions two major factors in the selection process: overall Instagram influence and vote by committee.Of course, news is coming out from ‘s Billy Bush that Mila’s making a bunch of movies right now and she’ll be too busy to hook up for the dance, so sorry about everyone thinking you were the man there for a couple of days and now you’re not.Plus the magazine we saw in the checkout line down at the supermarket says that Justin just got back together with Jessica Biel.It’s the safest way to explore the options with figment of imagination for you wouldn’t want to take those chances in real life.May be the girl/guy had been put off love forever and prefer mentally dating a celebrity crush rather than settling for a future heart break.Some don’t admit it in public while some wouldn’t mind talking about it in social media profiles too.

Yeah creativity is the usurp when it comes to dating your celebrity crushes and it also has the precarious advantage that when you mentally date a celebrity crush they become your prime focus and will fit into all archetypes set down by you.

While their identities are kept anonymous, according to the website, the Raya selection committee "is comprised of people from various backgrounds, geographies, and creative industries." NEWS: Rebel Wilson Offers Hysterical and Valuable Dating Advice If you're accepted, the app costs $7.99 per month, and you are encouraged to keep a certain level of discretion.

"The first Raya profile that I saw when I signed up was Joe Jonas, and I immediately took a screenshot and sent it to my girlfriends," the user said.

Launched in March 2015, the Raya website defines the app as "an exclusive dating and networking platform for people in creative industries," but stars we talked to compared it to a members-only club.

WATCH: Gwen Stefani Says She's Only Had Two Boyfriends in Her Entire Life "It's like Soho House, but for dating," Dakota Johnson told ET, referring to the West Hollywood private members club. Raya founder Mike Mc Guiness declined our request for an interview.

Negative comments relating to pricing and the fact that.